I’ve gone back and forth on how much to write about my recent job search process, not wanting to burn bridges and all that. But what I can do is call out some startups where we weren’t a good fit for each other for whatever reason (historically I’m slightly allergic to startups) but that I still think have a lot of potential.

Over the last three or so months, eight companies gave me at least an initial interview; there were a few more where either I or they said no after the first chat with a recruiter, or they ghosted me or whatever. That’s not counting my current (soon to be former) role - it wasn’t until the very end of the process that I ruled out staying where I am.

Out of all of those, here are some startups I’m keeping an eye on. I think all of them are working in a really interesting space, and they may or may not still be hiring at the time of writing.